YouMinter is a Web3 social network in an easy-to-use iOS and Android app with an NFT feed, followers, and likes that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and is owned by its users.

YouMinter allows users to easily mint (in other words - create) and transfer NFTs inside of the platform. We are backed and built on NEAR, which means maximum convenience and comfort for users. The technology is secure, simple, crystal clear, and guarantees you a safe and stable experience. We are doing everything on the fly and behind the scenes, thus, providing users with an effortless cognition of the NFT world. Moreover, thanks to NEAR Protocol, the cost of the transactions is almost free (the average gas fee of transactions in the NEAR Protocol blockchain is 0.001-0.01 NEAR).

YouMinter aims to push millions of people to dive deeper into Web3 by showing all the pros of minting, selling & buying NFT, all while simultaneously hinging on the Social-Fi & Game-Fi aspects to build a long-lasting platform fostering user-generated Web 3.0 content.

By taking advantage of YouMinter, users can build their communities, follow bloggers and artists, and communicate with all of them in one single place. Moreover, the more your community grows, the more project's share you get. We call it Ownership Economy.

Note: YouMinter is currently under Public Beta Version, so some features and in-app systems can be modified in the future to improve app’s mechanism and/or users’ experience.


Governance Token: UMINT

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