Ranking System

Each user of YouMinter will be assigned a certain Rank based on their achievements and activity in the app. To qualify for a Rank, a player is required to meet a certain criteria that mirror the main mechanics and activities in YouMinter. The higher the Rank is, the tougher the requirements get.

The goal behind the Ranking System is to give the active users of YouMinter an opportunity to add more involvement into the in-app processes, set goals for the future and adapt the in-app strategy accordingly. Moreover, thus users can see the results of the work put in. Ranking System will definitely improve users’ experience and motivate them to progress and score higher rank to get more benefits if terms of a reward system based on Ownership Economy. Meaning, the higher your rank, the more rewards you get.

Note: All the details of Ranking system with all the required information will be revealed once the system is implemented into the YouMinter app.

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