CameraBox & Genesis Cameras

What are CameraBoxes and Genesis Cameras?

Genesis CameraBoxes are distributed exclusively in the course of our NFT Sales. When opening CameraBox users get Genesis NFT Cameras they can use in the YouMinter app.

Acquiring NFT CameraBoxes will give you an opportunity to unlock NFT Cameras that allow you to create NFT posts, convert non-NFT posts to NFT, and get more benefits inside the app.

When opening CameraBox the user can get Common or Uncommon Genesis NFT Camera. There is a chance to get an Uncommon Genesis NFT Camera, which equals 5%.

All Genesis Cameras will have a "G" mark for identification purposes.

Advantages of Genesis Cameras

Celebrating our early adopters and supporters, we’ll introduce a bunch of special benefits for all Genesis Camera NFTs. We are finalizing the full list of advantages for Genesis holders and will reveal all the bonuses once Genesis NFTs Sale is over.

The advantages of Genesis Cameras are hidden in them. These advantages lie in the limited supply of these NFT Cameras, the special marking, and the opportunity to purchase them only now at Genesis Sale. They will never lose their uniqueness, and this limited access and unique approach will only increase their rarity and, accordingly, their value on the secondary market.

However, this is not the main idea. The idea is to give our early adopters a unique tool inside the app. If you have a Genesis Camera, you already have a more unique NFT Camera than those who will come later.

You will be able to test the features of this Camera in the app and get better and more valuable NFTs as a result. There are also special in-app benefits for Genesis Camera owners — we will reveal what they will be after the release. Will it be an attractive percentage of staking, a nice chunk of reward from the Ownership Economy, or both? Have a little wait, stay in touch, and be the first to know everything.

Please note: we will announce more benefits for Genesis holders with our upcoming app features and development!

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